Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kirill Medvedev and the Students of God

Here are just a few snippets from Kirill Medvedev's poetry...

"they should be out catching butterflies"

"hereditary businessman"

"(we all live among losers)"

"children think that in the form they now exist
they will live forever"

"by the way, some, I think, are still having kids out of a sense of doom."

"of everyone who turned out to be a computer genius
of everyone who became an assistant
to editors-in-chief
or a designer
for major fashion magazines"

"of all the historians
the students of god,
those who didn't get into the Financial Academy"

"inside a crowd of human neuroses;
it was
a miasma of anxieties"

"with a group of talented failures"

"Kirill, you should change your method,
it's getting stale."

"hopelessly, feverishly prolific"

"my girlfriend Anissa recently asked me,
'why don't you read any good literature,
why is everything you read such crap?'"

"I've noticed that
many women
are completely unsatisfied with the intelligence of their husbands and lovers."

"we dance around others' misfortunes like mischievous wolves like
some sort of lascivious bats in a frenzy"

"everything happens because of food"

"I thought of how often in my confrontations
with the face
of the society of consumption
sentimentality replaces disgust."

"art is not, in any case, Verlaine and Rimbaud
in a bar in Belgium
most likely, art is a wife who does not share or partake in
your interets, its your young song
an insensitive idiot, cretin"

"sometimes the lack of human interaction can make a person
physically ill
but sometimes human interaction is even worse than that"

"and it wouldn't be the Russian language, which I do whatever
I want with
and which in turn does whatever it wants with me."

"goodness exists if it exists
in some mangled new form,
in awful places,
in cold hellish places,
in wandering, dreaming, unstable

"with the help of their bald fuhrer Lukashenko
is bringing Belarus back to approximately the 6th century
and inventing a language
and that from her eon out the entire nation
is supposed to speak,
the principal goal being to invent words that don't exist"

"the cocksucker mafia that runs America
is gradually conquering the entire world."

"the Chinese who are taking the world block by block"

"we are ourselves turning into a
a great temptation,
like two parted legs"

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