Sunday, March 27, 2011

Communist Camp Songs

One of the more interesting aspects of communist camp life, as revealed in Paul Thorez's Model Children: Inside the Republic of Red Scarves, is the myriad camp songs that expressed the ideological hopes of the U.S.S.R. for its emerging citizens, the youth who were, according to socialist teachings, perfectly malleable. Here are a few of these songs:

Such joyful laughter
Such flames in the eyes
Down there--it's the changing of the guard
It's the Communist youth, the Young Leninists.
Pioneer, don't waste a minute
Don't leave time on your hands
Don't leave time on your hands
When the sun comes up
Salute it with your Pioneer sign
Salue the sun of the Motherland

Rushing, powerful,
My homeland,
My Moscow.
It's you that I love above all.

When night falls across the sea,
At Artek it's bed for me.

All over the world,
In Russia, In China, in Hungary,
The sun is shining on everyone.
The winter is over.

Flag of the nation
Flag of the people
Leading the country
On to victory.

Georgian, Estonian, Russian, and Uzbek
We're all one great big family
Him, her, you, and me
Artek, Artek!

On nights like tonight
In the campfire light
We will hear the story
Of our country's glory
And of workers and heroes
Building a new world.

The seagull flaps its wings
Telling us to hurry
Comrades, friends, Pioneers,
Follow me on another journey.

Russians and Chinese are brothers forever,
Moscow-Beijing, Beijing-Moscow
The people are advancing
Stalin and Mao are at our command.

We believe in the cause of Lenin and Stalin.

In the vast territories of our marvelous land
Tempered in battle and in toil
We have written a song of joy
Of Stalin--of the Guide
Stalin--our glory in battle
Stalin--our youth in song
Victorious ever, a song on our lips,
The people are on the march,
With Stalin at the fore.

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