Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soviet Arts Experience

Soviet Roulette was initially founded to revive what seemed like an unfashionable subject, i.e., Soviet history. But perhaps inevitably the Soviet experience has been garnering an enormous amount of attention lately. This is great news. Take, for example, the Chicago cultural festival entitled, The Soviet Arts Experience. Between October 2010, and January 2012, the city of Chicago will be immersed in twentieth century Russian culture. The sponsoring, or collaborating, institutions include the following: The Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the Goodman Theatre, The University of Chicago, the Russian Foundation of Chicago, the Harris Theatre for Music and Dance, Northwestern University, Chicago Sister Cities International, the Court Theatre, Roosevelt University, etc. and so on.

What fun! Russophiles and Kreminologists and Soviet Roulette readers can plan now to take in a Mayakovsky play, a Gulag art show, a Shostakovich performance, a Chekhov play, a Soviet silent film based on an Aleksei Tolstoy's futuristic novel Aelita, a lecture on War and Peace, a Prokoviev Symphony, a brand new Russian play, a performance of Swan Lake, a Russian choir concert, propaganda poster exhibit, an exhibit on the Soviet avante-garde artistic process, an exhibt on Soviet political posters and cartoons, a show on Soviet book arts, an exhibit on Soviet imagery related to children's art and other materials, a show on Soviet artist Victor Koretsky, a musical comedy by called Moscow, Cheryomushki, a quartet, and much, much more. Hope to see everybody soon at one of these many fine Soviet-themed events.

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