Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spoof of Life

After telling a friend about this blog, I asked for her reaction. She said: I wanted to read the blog, but it reminded me of the Peep Show, a British sitcom in which the lead character, Mark Corrigan, is obsessed with history. According to the friend, Corrigan's character can't relate to real-life except insofar as it can be compared to military or ancient history, or indeed Russian history. Corrigan simply can't speak in contemporary terms, everything links back to Stalingrad or some similar episode in history. Sadly, I had just posted on Stalingrad. My lack of originality was dispiriting, but I complained to my wife about the injustice of being beaten to the punch by a British sitcom. Her response was this: It's tragic really, but you're spoofing yourself. Hoping to catch the series soon...

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