Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sarah Palin is Closer to Russia Than You Are

UPI POY 2008 - Campaign 2008.

In an effort to motivate my damp squib of a co-blogger, I’m going to suggest some subjects for him to post on. I’d like to see him write about the following: Russian composers; Russian gamblers in Germany; Putin; Kasparov and chess; Russian gymnastics; Lolita; Kennan’s Trip Across Siberia and Travel Writing in General; The Revolution as revealed through metahistory; Ontology; Epistemology; Russian anarchism; Women’s History; Lynn Hunt and the Freudian take on Revolution; German perceptions of Russia; Obama and Russia; the Magnetic Mountain; Ten Days that Shook the World; Favorite Soviet Films; What Anthropologists Say About Revolution; Marx’s various works; German socialist leaders; Isaac Deutcher; Turgenev; Chekhov; Russian books you’d like to read and why; Russian geography; Midwest Farming perspectives on communism; Frankfurt School; What Gets Taught About Russia in Western History Survey Courses and Why; Hegemony; Gramsci; Cultural Studies; The Revolution’s impact on the so-called Third World; Communist values; Soviet oil; Herzen; Sarah Palin's proximity to Russia; etc.

What subjects will readers suggest for Nick Blabbermouth's consideration?

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